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What Is A Gyroplane?


The gyroplane (also commonly referred to as the gyrocopter or autogyro) was the predecessor to the helicopter.  It operates on the principle of autorotation meaning that the rotor, which provides lift, is driven solely off of air flowing through it.  Thrust is provided by an engine-driven propeller.  As the propeller pushes the aircraft forward, air flows through the rotor system, causing the rotors to turn and provide lift.  While the gyroplane can't hover, it is also impossible to stall, meaning that the gyroplane can be safely flown from 0 miles per hour to, in the case of the Magni line of gyros, 115 miles per hour.  There have been substantial developments in gyroplane safety over the past twenty years leading to the "new generation" of gyroplanes which are incredibly aerodynamically stable.  Magni Gyro is a world leader in "new generation" gyroplane development, and they continually innovate to safety standards exceeding requirements set by multiple worldwide aviation organizations.

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