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Sport Pilot Rating

Receive A License In Only 20 Hours!
 The sport pilot rating was introduced by the FAA in 2004 with the purpose of providing a method to license pilots who wish to fly solely for pleasure.  

  • Sport pilots are eligible to receive a license to fly in only 20 hours

  • Sport pilots do NOT require a medical certificate that is required by private and commercial pilots (A valid driver's license is required in place of a medical).  

  • Time spent training for a sport pilot license can be applied towards future ratings as well!  

  • This license allows a pilot to fly with most of the privileges of a private pilot, but has certain restrictions, mainly no night flying.  

  • Aircraft that are being flown under sport pilot rules must meet the Light Sport Aircraft criteria.  All Magni Gyroplanes meet the qualifications of Light Sport Aircraft.  

  • For more information, on the sport pilot rating, please visit

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